Building Blocks Instructional Series

Ski Instruction and Coaching


Bringing world class skills to the recreational skier

The BUILDING BLOCKS INSTRUCTIONAL SERIES is the centerpiece product of our skier training and education.  it was designed to offer recreational skiers access to the same information and type of training program the best skiers in the world have used for decades to hone their ski skills.

The road to extraordinary skiing is not a mystery, or reserved for only those skiers who've been granted rare natural athletic gifts.  Over my 30 years of coaching I've trained literally hundreds of skiers, most of whom possessed only average innate athletic abilities, and many well below average.   From that first hand experience I can tell you without reservation that almost everyone has the potential to become an extraordinary skier.  Getting there is really a simple matter of knowing the skills that need to be developed, implementing a training program that will allow that development to take place, and making a commitment to do stick to it and follow the program.

BUILDING BLOCKS is my attempt to make available to the recreational skiing community a comprehensive training program the scope of which up until now only been available to the likes of the high level skiers I have trained.  For too long the high cost of ski lessons have made pursing a program of regular lessons from a best of breed coach financially prohibitive.  The result is that most skiers only take the occasional lesson, if at all, and so remain stuck on a ski ability plateau, and  clueless about what they need to do to improve.  My goal is to see that situation come to an end.  To offer an alternative, and a road to knowledge and improvement that all skiers can have affordable access.  That is what BUILDING BLOCKS represents.

BUILDING BLOCKS is a skill based training program.  By that I mean it will teach you the base skills from which all extraordinary skiing is built.  Once you have the skiing skills, you can meld them into any form of skiing you choose.  You can tackle any terrain or snow condition, and ski it in the manner of your choosing, with confidence and grace.

The skiing skills you will learn are broken down into  6 basic categories:

  1. Balance,

  2. Edging,

  3. Rotation,

  4. Angulation,

  5. Flexion/Extension, and

  6. Transitions

We cover each skill area separately, providing a training progression that develops a broad bank of skills in that area.  Once the skills are learned, we teach you how to blend them into a total skiing package.

I hope you will join me in my mission to bring expert level skiing to the masses. To learn how to best use this program before buying please follow the link.