Learn To Ski DVDs

The Building Blocks Ski Instruction DVD Video Series


Ski training DVD program to help you learn to ski better

Basic Balance

Ski Instruction DVD

Balance skills are the crucial  brick and mortar that supports all good skiing.

1 hour 36 minutes of video


Advanced Balance Ski Instruction DVD

A progressive series of 47 drills and exercises will take your balancing abilities to the highest level

1 hour 32mins of video


Basic Edging

Ski Instruction DVD

Basic Edging  teaches highly refined steering, and other basic edge control skills.

1 hour 27 minutes of video


Advanced Edging Ski Instruction DVD

In Advanced Edging we move from steering, and into carving  skills.

1 hour 25mins of video


This ski lesson DVD series is ideal for those wanting to learn to  ski.

If your aim is learning to ski better then follow these basic skiing techniques to teach yourself to ski or improve your skill level.

Rick explains everything from how ski equipment works to physics of skiing, and provides ski instruction with clear demonstrations for all levels from the beginner skier to the advanced skier and even ski racers.

Buy yourself one ski instruction DVD or the set or purchase them as gifts for a skier you know.

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Ski Instruction DVD

Transitions represents the final step in the Building Blocks progression. It introduces you to the many ways there are to link together two turns, and when to use each option.  

1 hour 32 mins of video



Ski Instruction DVD

Angulation, Rotary and Flexion/Extension play important supporter roles in Balance and Edging.  Good skills are needed here to take skiing to it's highest level

1 hour 27mins of video


Set of 2 Basic 

Ski Instruction DVD's

  1. Basic Balance

  2. Basic Edging


3 hours and 3 minutes of learn to ski video

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The complete Building Blocks  Ski Instruction DVD Video Program

Our 6 pack represents the most economical way to buy the entire Building Blocks Ski Instruction DVD program, and the best way to benefit from the training that the Building Blocks program has to offer.  

Includes Basic Balance, Basic Edging, Advanced Balance, Advanced Edging, Angulation & Transitions Ski Instruction DVDs

Over 9 hours of instructional video to take your skills to the highest level.


Set of 2 Advanced  Ski Instruction DVD's

  1. Advanced Balance

  2. Advanced Edging


2 hours and 57mins of video lessons

Set of 2 Final Skills Ski Instruction DVD's

  1. Angulation

  2. Transitions


2 hours and 59 minutes of video for teaching yourself to ski.

Some of our students have wanted to take summaries of the ski instruction DVDs to the hill. So now we are making ski drill cards available for all the Ski Instruction DVDs. Laminated pocket sized cards with summary of the ski lesson drill, hints, learning tips, cautions and variations. One ski teaching drill per side. Two per card. Take just the learn to ski drills you want to work on, to the ski hill with you, in your pocket.  Click on link above to order the cards you want.

Ski Instruction DVDs

These final skills DVDs represent the culmination of the Building Blocks program. These DVDs are at a level suitable for an experienced racer, higher level instructor or budding expert skiers.

These Advanced Skills DVDs represent skills building on those in the Basic Skills DVDs. These DVD levels do not match general skier level descriptions. These are pitched at about the level of a PSIA level 2 instructor working to achieve level 3. Also a racer or very advanced skier. The Basic Skills DVDs will be the best starting place for most recreational skiers as they will fill in any gaps in skills that will make achieving higher level skiing difficult.

These Basic Skills DVDs represent the core skills that are presented in the Building Blocks Instructional Series. They are not a beginner skill set.  These skills will help most skiers from intermediate to advanced to progress to a higher level, and is where most people's Building Blocks training should start.

If you're skiing has reached a 'plateau', one you've been stuck on for some time, then you're probably missing some of the basic skills required to take your skiing to the next level.  These DVDs will help you identify and develop those missing skills.  They'll help you to finally break free from the "Intermediate Plateau, and begin your journey to expert skiing.