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Wow, Wow, Wow,Wow and Wow and I'm only through the first disc. Was this ever needed !! I am a ski instructor in New York at Hunter Mtn. I really got back into things a few years ago and it's been very tough to get a clear complete and detailed guide especially on disc to comprehend what for me is the "new" skiing. Even just the first disc is so fantastic, so clear so complete and comes from such depth of understanding it's really mind blowing !!

I just want to commend you on what a brilliant piece of work you have done with your DVDs!!!...I have watched through all 4 to get to see all the drills in my mind and have started doing a lot of the drills though not exactly in the order you suggest (It made sense for me that I did some in tangent with the others even though I know you recommend progressing from one set of drills to the next).


Anyway I am amazed at the immediate benefits to be gained just from understanding what is trying to be achieved via the drills, nevermind then practising them!...I have a very long way to go in practising still, but am very happy to report back that already I am a different type of skier in that my mindset has been totally changed by your DVD coaching and my basic skills have improved dramatically just from the drills I have been doing. As a friend of mine who has been skiing for many years stated out of the blue the other day "...you have been improving in leaps and bounds lately...I can see you have a whole new stance while you ski...".


So well done and keep up the great work!! I am seriously looking forward to your next 2 DVDs....

Mike, New Zealand

Hello Rick,

My DVD's arrived a couple of days ago. I have watched them a few times and they are great. I started skiing again in 2007 after many years away and I wish I had had these DVDs then. I took a series of lessons in 2007 and I reckon I have  learnt at least as much  from your DVDs as in all those expensive ! lessons.

Actually I was a bit discouraged after 2007 and haven't bothered with skiing at all since I came back to Australia. I am coming to the US again in 2010 and am now looking forward to skiing  better and enjoying it more.

Cheers Mike,

Queensland Australia

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Dear Rick!

Thank you very much for your DVD! You have done really great work!

I am  so excited! Your lessons helped me a lot to improve my skills and understand the physics of skiing in very short period of time!  The Theoretical part of your DVD  is very important not just to understand a common conception of skiing but to make each single movement of each drill properly! In my case I can not repeat mechanically I have to understand. I have written a notes of your  first two DVD  and during  the seven days I practiced your drills on Hunter Mountain. As a result I has successfully completed the Hunter Mountain Snowsport School Instructor Training Course. Maybe for someone it is a piece of cake but for me it is a big deal! Because first time I put on ski boots  four years ago and all together I  have being skiing  about thirty days but seven days  with  help of your DVD ! Now I am able to improve my skills fast and easy and  ski confidently and enjoy the sensation of flying! 

Thank you very much many times!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes!

Your Russian student Elena.

Dear Rick,


I received your complete video series for Christmas and couldn't wait to watch them.  I returned to skiing at the age of 49, after a 15 year hiatus.  By age 62 I was still floundering as an intermediate, frustrated at my inability to advance, in spite of lessons, reading, and studying ski technique.  When I received your videos I started out by viewing all six to get an overview.  What I discovered was that although I had developed a useful set of skills I couldn't figure out how to eliminate the gross upper body movements and the inefficient skidded windshield wiper turns I was making.  In your video on Angulation I discovered that when I would come down into a turn I was coming down centered over my skis and then pushing my ski tails out to the side to scrub off speed.  Your video showed me that by simply pushing my knees out to the side and then coming down into a turn my skiing improved.  After I combined that with several sessions of skiing on the inside edge of my outside ski, as shown in your Basic Balance video, I discovered that I was strong on my right foot but weak on my left.  Repeating the one footed drill corrected that problem and I improved even more.  Then, yesterday, I was skiing with some very advanced skiing friends and took on several double back diamonds.  I was amazed at the increase in edge control and at how fluid my turns started to become.  Each time I came down into my turns I could feel my edges bite into the snow with much less skidding and much more control.  I can't wait to see what happens next as I continue to experiment with the amazing collection of drills you provided in your video series. 


Prior to seeing your videos the best instructional video I had seen was Lito Flores Tijeda's "How to Get Out of the Intermediate Rut".  This was an excellent video, but your series is much more complete and offers the kind of detailed instruction available no where else.  Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to the sport of skiing. 




Hi Rick,

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your site. I have been skiing and taking lessons for years and never had as clear an explanation or as good a visualization of the mechanics/physics of what I’m trying to do as I have been getting with your building blocks DVDs. Thanks for your excellent product.


Michael  M.D.   

Florida USA

I wish I'd had your DVD set about 7 years ago....I'd be a WAY better skier!!   ...   Your demos are very easy to understand and the explanations and "hints" that also appear as text on the screen are very well done.  The photography is probably the best I've seen on any ski-training stuff

Not only interesting but possibly the best "explanation" of "rotary" and "steering" I've ever read.  In my estimation Rick has his head on straight and nailed the true meaning and application of our most misunderstood primary skill in PSIA's ATS

...it's all gold - master what he shows you and you will be a better skier. The progressive organisation of the drills is clearly very carefully thought out - each drill is a natural progression from the previous one and leads naturally into the next one. ... This is a great project and on the while fantastically clearly explained. The demos are all brilliantly done and it's perfectly clear what is and is not expected. ... This really is gold-dust. Unless you are an accomplished racer everyone will get something out of this. The exercises lifting the inside ski in various ways will improve almost everything about most people's skiing (...carving, ... dynamic skiing). ... And of course any trainee instructors/coaches will find this a gold-mine of exercises to inflict on their poor unsuspecting pupils. ... But the $64,000 question - does it work? YOU BETCHA! ... black moguls with no poles, and even one zipper line run when I got to the bottom and felt like I'd just floated down it. And the ultimate high - part way through the afternoon, I realised that people were stopping at the side of the slope to watch me ski it!

When I watched your videos, I was simply blown away!  I was impressed with how you were able to present so much valuable information in an easy to understand and condensed format, but especially with the manner in which the progression you demonstrate can easily be followed by skiers of any ability level.  ... helped me achieve a higher level of understanding, and added skills I had not yet learned or was not aware were missing.  ...  A friend who has skied for 42 years watched the videos with me and said, "that was by far the best instructional video I have ever seen"

I feel like I've just been given the key to that locked door that I've been looking at for years.

...because of this training I went from a bronze NASTAR rating all the way up to Platinum by the end of the season.  I even, to my delight,  had the fastest run of the day one of the races at Breckenridge. ...

There's nothing on the market that helps you learn the fundamentals of the sport like the Building Blocks Instructional Series does.


Several months ago I purchased the first four DVDs Basic Balance and Edging and Advanced Balance and Edging. I have purchased several video programs in the past but none of them have put together as complete a program as you have.  My main goal is to improve my skiing and I have spent a part of every day doing some of the drills in your program.  Thank you so much for what you have given the recreational skier community, I hope that I might be able to go to one of your ski camps in the future. Once again Rick thank you for this gift to the ski world.


Hi Rick,

I received the last 2 DVDs and I finally started putting your drills into effect. Working on the Basic Balance and Basic Edging DVDs and I can already see the improvement!



Ontario, Canada

Hi Rick,

Wow this is a kick ass program thanks a lot.


Idaho, USA

I had the opportunity to go through all the DVDs, and my first reaction was WOW!    This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for but I didn’t know it.


  Finally, I want to say that I love the products.  They are truly amazing, from the subtly of the pale to intense colors of the basic and advanced cards to the quality of the photography and diagrams in the DVDs. ...

  I have lots more, but I like to keep emails relatively short.


California, USA


BTW, after looking at the Transitions DVD, I had fun going back and looking at a couple of old VHS ski tapes I have, one by Lito Teja-Flores and the other 2 by Harold Harb.  I noticed Lito uses cross-over and Harold uses cross-through mostly and cross-under in the bumps.  Of course neither mentions this or a lot of other things that are going on as well


California, USA


I’m enjoying watching the ski events at the Olympics this year more than I ever have because I finally understand what is going on thanks to your DVDs – wow, look at that, a white pass turn!

  Over the last 50 years I have spent over $10,000 on lessons...

I’m headed up to the slopes this weekend with the cards and the DVDs.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  But I can tell you just watching the DVDs has really heightened my awareness.  For example, I knew about turn radius, but I had never thought about degree of turn.  I just did it, slower on the steeps and faster on the blues.  It’s going to be fun playing with 30, 45, 60, 90, and 110 degree turns.


California, USA

Hi Rick,

So I'm looking back at last ski season and this season to date and it seems obvious to me what an important role your Building Blocks DVDs have played.

The beginning of last season was the first time I had EVER spent any snow time doing drills.  I had received your first two DVDs, watched them, studied them, made notes and went to the small hills of Michigan and worked diligently performing the drills.  I got the next two DVDs for Christmas and quickly got busy on the new drills.

Later in the winter when I traveled to Colorado I definitely felt a marked improvement in my skiing.  I want to thank you for providing the right information in the right format for me to understand, practice and implement into my skiing.

Over the summer I really looked forward to getting the rest of your DVD series so I could spend my skiing time in Michigan learning new drills and further upping my game before traveling to the mountains again.  However, just before the start of the season life got in the way and I needed to spend all my extra time tending to some serious family health issues.  I did finally make it out to the mountains but I never got the time to do any drilling at all beforehand.  What a difference!  I feel like my skiing has definitely slipped back a couple of notches.

A few short years ago I thought that spending time on the hill practicing drills was just for coaches, instructors and competitors.  I felt that I always had fun when I was skiing so what was the use of replacing 'fun time' with 'drill time'.  Now I understand that mastering your drills leads to better, more efficient technique which leads to more confidence on the most difficult terrain and thus, MORE FUN!

Now I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to get out on some easy slopes and.... drilling!



Michigan USA

Hi Rick,

I have got your building blocks DVDs last week

Many thanks.I think they are brilliant and I never saw such good explanation of ski technique before.

I really enjoy them.

From Peter, Germany

Hi Rick, thanks for the DVDs, I have watched them and I look forward to using the concept on my junior racers, as well as trying the drills myself.

I really like the concept and I feel confident that it will work, already before I try it.



Building Blocks Instructional DVDS


As reviewed on Epicski April 6, 2010

I decided to buy this DVD set a supplement to taking private lessons.  They arrived two days after ordering them.  So far I have watched the Basic Balance and Basic Edging DVD's. I have performed most of the exercises on the Balance DVD.  

These videos are set up in such a way that a series of drills are demonstrated.  An explanation about the drills and the benefits that they have in advanced level skiing are also given.  The drills start off easy and then progress in difficulty as they continue.  As the name suggests, "Building Blocks", each drill teaches you a new skill that is then applied in the later drills.  This is not a "learn to ski fast" video.  It's offers very in-depth instruction and the ability to learn a very large skill set. After doing most of the drills on the balance DVD...my balance has improved 10 fold! In private ski instruction, I was basically told to keep my weight forward and let's move on.  

The drills and instruction on the DVD really touches every aspect in relation to skiing.  The drills are laid out in perfect sequence.....each small skill learned is one step closer to the big picture!  The video, production, and editing  qualities are very good. Each drill has it's own chapter and menu selection, so it's pretty easy and quick to find and  review certain drills when needed. I can't wait to start working on the Edging DVD.  

Rick also has a website that is associated with his series.  If you have a question about any of the drills or need any type of help, just send him an e-mail.  He will respond. Trust me, I've already asked a bunch of questions! I wasn't aware that there are also drill cards available. They can be taken with you as a reminder on how to perform each drill.  They would definitely come in handy.




Pennsylvania, USA

The basics pay off!


As reviewed on Epicski, December 9, 2010

I have now gone entirely through the first DVD in this series Basic Balance.  The 6 DVDs move to very advanced skills, but I have so far only worked on the basics (hence the review title.)


I've been skiing for over 20 years, so it ain't what you think of as basic.  The progression of drills on this DVD start with fore/aft balance, then move to lateral balance.  If you stick to them (which I finally did) they develop a rock solid foundation that has allowed me to take my skiing to the next level.  I found many of them fairly easy to do, but when I got to the ones that I had trouble with I discovered a hole in my skill set that needed filling.  A few days on those drills and not only can I ski better on the inside ski, but it carried over immediately to my free skiing.  I will definitely be moving on to DVD 2 Basic Edging.


Rick brings his race coaching experience to these DVD's.  As a PSIA Instructor I've always been impressed with what race coaches do - partly because they train the same kids for many many days, instead of us that get a lot of one shot lessons.  Taking this developmental approach works.


The on camera introduction is a little stiff, Rick is a great coach, but his talking to a video camera is not polished.  However his voice overs on the drills - the meat of the DVD's - is fantastic.


I highly recommend these to any skier at any level who has the time to put in to them.  There is no quick and easy shortcuts on here, you need to be able to dedicate yourself to the progressions.  But if you do - it WILL payoff.


In addition the drill cards are a great addition.  I carried them in my jacket pocket and could review them on the lift, making taking notes while watching the DVD's unnecessary.




Massachusetts USA

There are different types of skiers. Some are ok with being able to ski down (not caring how they do it). While other want to have complete control over what they are doing. There are many instructional DVDs out there. Those who want to have complete control over skiing will buy those other instructional DVDs and eventually get back to yours because that’s the only product out there that covers all aspects in detail.


New Jersey USA

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I received DVDs ...

They are fantastic. It is first time I find an approach so detailed like this around ski teaching, no matter if we speak about personal classes, books or video media. Congratulations.



I just wanted to let you know I have received the Dvds & cards. I think they are fantastic. Its easy to understand & follow even for a beginner,  & the cards are brilliant on the slope.

Helen, Australia

Thank you for your excellent DVD series...I bought the entire set and they are excellent ...I am 64 years old and a longtime intermediate skier...these DVD's have helped me considerably...I do need the Drill cards to keep me focused on my drills. i ski in mammoth ca


Craig CA USA

Hey thanks Rick!  

I will also be introducing my daughter and daughter in law to your DVD's next week as we spend some time skiing in mammoth...

My wife of forty years skied with me for many years but developed arthritis which limited her mobility on the slopes and she became very discouraged. After watching your DVD's with me she began an aggressive exercise program to strengthen her legs and knees and hopes to start skiing again. It is clear to her that the better you ski the easier it is and has been very encouraged by my results and watching you teach!

I will keep you informed.    by the way i learned of your DVD's from a guy I road up on the lifts with last spring...he was my age and raved about them so much I gave them a try...I also tell people that i meet on the mountain as well. keep up the good work


California, USA

Hey Rick! I will start by saying  "AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!" I watched the first two DVD's, (three times) took some notes up the mountain with me, and worked through the fore/aft drills, and started on the lateral balance skills. I will be working on those for while, I think. ... It was snowing hard and the wind was kicking up snow off the ground, visibility was terrible. Long story short, I was relegated to the tow rope area to do my drills for the better part of the day. I did ski several blue runs on the back side, out of the wind, and I learned some interesting things about my technique, and I learned a lot more, skiing slow on the gradual slopes. I ski aft, a lot. I hunch, even when I am on "safe" terrain. I throw the tails (which I knew). I ski counter, a lot. I pivot and dig the edges in whenever the speed gets scary. I was very surprised that turns to the right, even half turns to the right, were very difficult for me on the gradual slopes moving very slowly. I figured that out, but still, it was pretty embarrassing to be on nearly flat ground and not be able to shift weight to my outside ski. In fact, the fore/aft exercises were very difficult to perform smoothly, keeping balance, especially going slow. The "aft" exercises were by far the easiest for me to do, even the aft-to-fore drill came pretty easily. Anyway, between the weather and the slow progress, I was feeling like I might just be dead before i got enough days on the mountain to make any progress. It was a despondent drive home.

I went back today, however, and the weather was much better. Calm wind and light snow. I skied a couple of blue runs to start with. I haven't done any of the edging drills, but just being aware of the problems I "felt" while I was skiing yesterday made a HUGE difference. Because my thighs were already burning from skiing aft yesterday (not the drills) I could really feel the relief when I straightened up and centered my stance. That helped immensely. Also, I found out that when I ski counter, because I am looking downhill, I don't finish my turns. Instead, I pivot, and away down hill I go, too fast, so I keep having to counter, counter counter, which is exhausting. By skiing square and looking the direction I am going, or want to go, I can do 90 degree or even greater turns to control my speed, slow down, and ski more smoothly with less difficulty. My skiing improved in a lot of other ways too, but those were the most significant. Anyway, no falls today, and I had the best day of skiing I have ever had, and I skied more because I wasn't exhausted from skiing aft, and skiing counter. Oh, and most important, I didn't want to stop skiing when it was time to come home! My goal is to finish, with at least some proficiency, all of the drills on the Basic Balance DVD by the end of this season. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks so much!


Hey Rick,

I just read your mail about a new dvd about ski-racing.

First I must tell you that your good advice and your building-block dvds helped me a lot in my last holiday in Austria.

My confidence has grown because I tried to apply all  your

hints and drills.My aquaintances were startled to see me

skiing.They made a film of my skiing.They are still wondering what happened to me.I told them I had a good ski coach in the States.They were interested.

Rick,here my question.Although I am not a ski racer

(age 59),I am still interested in the new DVD.

Would you still recommend it just to watch the technique

for fun?

Thanks a lot


Hi Rick

Thanks...Your Building Blocks training has been A TOTAL GAME CHANGER for me over the last 18months! My style is always evolving for the better and I still regularly go through your drills and keep referring back to your training to better understand or reinforce an area that needs improving. I have just signed up to start some Masters race training so am looking forward to your new DVD. If the Building Block DVDs are anything to go by I am sure this one will be superb!!




Thank you very much!  Yes, I have been looking for some sort of resource to help me learn to ski.  

I am currently a student and spent the last school year in the French Alps where I "relearned" how to ski (I skied when I was younger but, due to relocation, could not continue).  So, I have only really skied two seasons, this season and last season.  

The problem that I was having in my development was that I couldn't find a decent resource to help guide me along.  I tried the "Sofa Ski School" DVD but found that it was more of a supplemental resource, not one that would teach you HOW to ski.  I know that I do certain things very well for only having skied two seasons (or so I'm told by more experienced eyes), but there are clearly flaws in some basic skills.  Having watched the entirety of the first DVD I feel certain that the next few DVDs (over the course of multiple years of course) will teach me what I need to know!  What I really enjoyed about the first DVD in the series is that you break down the theory of what one is doing as well as teach how to do it.  Anyway, I just wanted to inform you a little bit about myself and say thank you for building such a wonderful product!  I know that the DVDs are only as good as the effort I put into my own development, but I feel confident that you'll help me discover new levels with my skiing!



Review of the Building Blocks instructional videos:

Over the years I've tried learning to ski through magazines, books, asking questions from random strangers on the slopes, and of course by simply doing. Personal lessons usually seemed to leave me with more questions than answers because like many before me, I had little money or time to be be consistent with them. while these half-hazard ways do work to a point, in the end your always left with disappointment. While there is no substitute for on hill training, these videos surely take a lot of the guess work out of the learning process, and I truly believe an outstanding supplement for anybody currently in ski school. It only took 4 days of on snow experience myself to quickly realize the benefits of the drills. While some of the exercises were definitely challenging, the videos were very well organized and extremely focused, as well as the individual drills being very easy to understand. It should also be noted that the (Author/coach) of these videos is generous beyond reason, sharing his knowledge and expertise through a free online community based skier website well after your purchase. Have questions about a technique or movement, even if its not shown in the videos? He's there to help you all the way!

Two Quick disclaimers: Because of the physical challenges and inherent dangers of any sport, I Must recommend that someone just starting out always take on snow lessons first. Get to know the sport, and learn to feel comfortable with the chairlift and making it down basic green runs on your own safely. But after that, if your still sold on getting better, please do yourself a favor and get to know the coach and try out one of his DVDs. I've learned over time that good experiences don't wait around forever. Take a chance like I did. I think you might be pleasantly surprised!

Lastly, as an advanced skier, the first thing I wanted to do was get the advanced DVDs. Makes sense right? Luckily coach pushed me to start at the beginning, and I've since discovered that I couldn't advance because of a lack of basic skills. Ironically I am now driven to focus on those instead. Funny how quickly your mind can change when being correctly guided down the right path.....

Good job coach!

From a skier just like you somewhere in Washington State.