Advanced Balance

Ski Instructional DVD

1 Hour 32 Mins


Ski instruction DVD to learn advanced balancing skills

Advanced Balance continues the skiing skills development process  that the Basic Balance Ski Instruction DVD started helping you to truly become an expert skier.

A progressive series of 47 drills and exercises on this ski instructional DVD will take your balancing abilities to the highest level.  With these skills under your belt you'll experience a sense of competence and confidence on your skis that most  participants in our sport will never come to know.

The balancing lessons covered in this ski instruction DVD are of a nature few skiers ever even explore.  Those who delve into this learn to ski DVD will come out understanding what the best coaches in skiing have always known;  that great balance in skiing means much more than just being able to remain upright.

This ski instruction DVD is for anyone who has already worked through the Basic Balance Ski Instruction DVD, and has developed a reasonable level of competence with all the drills contained in it.  It's also suited for skiers who have previously developed a strong stable of balance skills, and want to refine them to the highest level.  

Instructors will find this ski instruction DVD an invaluable resource for building a large quiver of high end skiing drills they can use in their advanced lessons, and for taking their own balance skills to the ultimate level. 

Great athletic ability is not needed to benefit from this ski instruction DVD.  Anyone who has done our Basic Balance Learn to Ski DVD can learn the skills it teaches.    Once you do, skiing will never be the same.

Advanced Balance Ski Instruction DVD


2 Pack with

Advanced Edging DVD


Complete Building Blocks Program

6 DVD pack


Advanced Balance Drill Cards $19.95

Some of our students have wanted to take summaries of the DVDs to the hill. So now we are making drill cards available for the Building Blocks DVDs. Laminated pocket sized cards with summary of the drill, hints, cautions and variations. One drill per side. Two per card. Take just the drills you want to work on, to the ski hill with you, in your pocket.