Basic skills

2 DVD Set


Basic balance and basic edging Ski instruction DVDs

The regular single ski instruction DVD purchase price is $39.95.  If you buy the 2 DVD Basic Balance / Basic Edging Package  the discount price is $69.95.

Basic Balance & Basic Edging

2 DVD pack


Some of our students have wanted to take summaries of the DVDs to the hill. So now we are making drill cards available for the Building Blocks DVDs. Laminated pocket sized cards with summary of the drill, hints, cautions and variations. One drill per side. Two per card. Take just the drills you want to work on, to the ski hill with you, in your pocket.

Basic Balance Drill Cards $19.95

Drill Cards for Basic Edging $19.95

These Basic Skills DVDs represent the core skills that are presented in the Building Blocks Instructional Series. They are not a beginner skill set.  These skills will help most skiers from intermediate to advanced to progress to a higher level, and is where most people's Building Blocks training should start.

If you're skiing has reached a 'plateau', one you've been stuck on for some time, then you're probably missing some of the basic skills required to take your skiing to the next level.  These DVDs will help you identify and develop those missing skills.  They'll help you to finally break free from the "Intermediate Plateau, and begin your journey to expert skiing.