Can Building Blocks Help With Fear

Are Steep Icy Narrow Slopes Possible For The Fearful?


Hi Rick,

I have got your building blocks DVDs last week

Many thanks.I think they are brilliant and I never

saw such good explanation of ski technique before.

I really enjoy them.

My problem is: I am 58 and want to start to ski anew.

When I was 25  I gave up because of fear of steep and

icy narrow slopes.But I love winter ,snow and skiing.

So I am going to try again.I already booked my winter

holiday in Austria in February 2011.

So what would you recommend me to do.

Watch all your building blocks from the start in the remaining

months.But I am not a total beginner ,its just the fear of icy narrow slopes.

Perhaps you could give me a hint.

Peter, Germany

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for letting me know you're enjoying the program.

My suggestion is to watch the entire program, start to finish, here in the off season, so you get a clear understanding of how the program works, and where it's ultimately designed to take you. Then, once you begin skiing, start right from the beginning, working your way through the entire program drill by drill.

I recommend this approach for all my students, even those who are advanced skiers, because everyone has holes in their foundation skill base that holds them back from reaching their personal skiing potential.  Only by working through the entire program, can those skill base holes be found and filled.  Also, if some of the lower level skills are absent, the higher level skills taught later in the program can not be successfully mastered.

This approach will work especially well for you, Peter, having been away from the sport for so long.  Not only will you need to refresh the skills you formerly had, you will also have to adapt those skills to the new equipment available today.  The shape ski has had a major impact on modern ski technique.  They have changed the body positions we need to employ to stay in balance, and the edging applications we use to turn.  Starting the Building Blocks program right at the beginning, practicing each drill in the order it's presented, will provide you with an efficient means of quickly adapting your old skills to the new equipment.  You'll be refining those old skills,  as you're simultaneously developing the new ones that will elevate your skiing ability to a level beyond what you've ever experienced.

Peter, you will find that as your skill base grows, you will feel much more comfortable on the type of terrain you used to consider difficult.  Your new balance and edging skills will provide you with technique options that will allow you to ski any terrain on the mountain as comfortably as you desire.  Pay particular attention to the steering and turn shape skills taught in our Basic Edging DVD.  They will allow you to ski any slope, at any speed you find comfortable.

Best of luck, Peter, with your return to the sport.  I'm confident, if you commit to doing the training, that you'll come to enjoy skiing more than ever you did before.  If you have any more questions for me now, do send them to me.  If I can be of any further assistance once you begin working your way through the program, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best Wishes,