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The sign for a snow accident is to cross two skis uphill from the accident site.  This warns other skiers and snowboarders that an accident has occurred so they can avoid running into the injured or those administering aid. It also makes it easier for ski patrol to locate the accident site.

Each area has it's own legal issues with first aid. First Aid training will usually cover these so we won't cover that here. If you believe it is suitable you can initiate basic first aid, but be sure you understand the situation involving legal ramifications and liability.

Once you have made the area safe and first aid has been initiated if suitable, someone needs to notify ski patrol.  One person should remain with the injured person and another get help if this is possible. There may be a ski patroller nearby or even a ski patrol office. If not the fastest way to contact them in a ski resort is usually to ask a lift operator to place a call. Make sure you know where the accident is as closely as you can. if there is a lift nearby take a note of the lift tower number.  The name of a piste or run is very helpful, as are any obvious terrain features such as sudden changes in pitch of a slope or bends in a trail, unusual trees, rock outcroppings etc.

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