Getting Outfitted for skiing



Sunglasses are great on fine sunny days. However they have their short comings on snowy days and even just windy days.

Even a fairy cheap pair of goggles will protect your eyes from the elements and let you see where you are heading before you fall down that little drop off!


Yes sunscreen to go to the snow! You can use any sort you may have around as long s it will stay on and is a reasonable SPF.

However you will want to reapply it at least at lunch time. Look around for a small tube that you can carry in a pocket. Or if you are a cheapskate like me, or fussy about the brand of sunscreen you use(actually my main issue) look around for a small container that will not leak and refill that with sunscreen. I actually use a small bottle that once contained a sample of body wash and refill with my favourite facial sunscreen. Don't forget to apply to your ears and underside of nose, and neck, nothing worse than burnt ears! Also for those thinner on top an application to part line is handy - use a gel based sunscreen for the scalp if you have a super short cut.

Lip Gloss

This is a must. Remember you need to be able to apply this on the chair or quickly before starting a run down hill. I skip pots because I find them harder to apply and liquid gels because I worry they may leak. I prefer Blistex Clear Advance which is a convenient no mess stick and stays on lips longer than others I have tried. Just pick something you are happy to use frequently and will find easy to carry in a pocket and apply when you are wearing gloves, and the wind is blowing.

Neck Warmer or Face Mask

A neckwarmer is a scarf that has its ends joined together. Pretty basic loop of fleece fabric. It has one advantage over a scarf - no loose ends to get caught in a chairlift!!!  You can make these by sewing a tube of fleece fabric if you are even a little handy. I suggest having something to do this job. They stop the snow getting down your neck, protect you from stray wind blowing down your jacket at the neck, pull up over your nose when it is really cold.

Another option is a balaclava or facemask. Remember in some climates it is very cold and you will really have to cover exposed skin. in this case a facemask is invaluable.

Choose what is needed for where and when you are skiing.

You won't need either on a fine spring day.




What purchases do you need to get you started as a skier?

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