How Much Time?

Should You Spend Doing Drills?


How long would you suggest doing the exercises for each day...? any time allotment before one then can go skiing and have more (integrated) fun?

Joe C

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Hi Joe,


As you know, the drills are structured to be started on gentle terrain, then gradually taken to more difficult terrain as you become accomplished with them on the easy slopes.  A good strategy is to start off your day down on the greens, working on a particular skill, then once you're feeling confident with it, head up to your "fun" terrain, and try to integrate it into your skiing there.  

Anytime we ski we are employing some form of balance, turn shape, and edging.  For most skiers, the varieties of those technical elements they employ during general skiing time is unconscious.  They have no idea which they are doing,  and they certainly don't have the ability to alter it.   Going into more challenging terrain with an understanding of exactly what you want to do, then gaining the ability to accomplish it, is amazingly confidence inspiring, not to mention, great fun.  

How long it takes you to get a new drill/skill mastered on the greens, to the point you're ready to move up to more difficult terrain with it, will vary.  How much time you want to spend working on it before you take a break from you training is up to you.  Taking a break can be healthy.  It lets you mentally regroup and reenergize for the next attempt later on.  Head out and do some play skiing.  Throw in some of the skills you learned in earlier drills while you're playing, to refine your skills at them, and renew your confidence.  When you're ready, head back down to the greens and tackle that nemesis drill again.  Chances are good you'll this time discover success.


Rick Schnellmann

Your Ski Coach