What is The Link Between Pelvic Shift and Tip Lead?

Does Pelvic Shift Create A Leading Ski?


Do we create a leading ski while performing pelvic shift?  If yes, how does it correspond to leading ski as an old school technique?  How to reconcile it with PSIA model?


Yes, the pelvic shift. that subtle turning of the pelvis  we use to create counter, does encourage the inside ski to lead.   This is also called inside tip lead.  When doing the pelvic shift, inside ski/tip lead should happen passively.  That is, we shouldn't try to purposely move our inside ski forward.  It should just be something that just happens as a natural reaction to the pelvic shift.  

Inside tip lead is not necessarily a bad thing.  It can actually provide a bio-mechanical advantage.   The inside hip, in being driven forward, strives to pull the entire inside half of the body along with it.   This creates a state I call rotational alignment, where the feet, knees, hips and shoulders all point the same direction.  Rotational alignment provides the strongest stance for dealing with the forces that are generated when we turn.  When not in rotational alignment, a torque is produced in some area of our body that weakens our stance.  

As long as inside tip lead comes simply from the inside ski passively following the forward drive of the inside hip, all is well.  It's when inside lead is created artificially that troubles arise.  PSIA will usually look at inside lead, and balk if it's excessive.  Too much inside tip lead can cause a skier to get aft balanced, stuck on their inside ski.  It can happen when a skier is using too much counter, or has created his/her counter improperly by dropping the outside hip back.  It also happens when the inside foot is driven forward, independent of, and more than, the inside hip.  It's a position that's also call being scissored.  

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