Introduction To Ski Racing DVDs

Learn About Alpine Racing With This DVD Video


Get started or build your knowledge base in alpine ski racing

Do you love speed? Wish you could get the slope to yourself with no-one in the way? Ever wonder about those guys in the lycra that make two or three turns down the pitch that you are making twenty short turns down? This DVD has all the information to get you started in ski racing.

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Ski Instruction DVDs

Topics covered include:

  1. Skills

  2. Where to race

  3. Line

  4. Tactics

  5. Starts

  6. Finish

  7. Gear

  8. Skis

  9. Boots

  10. Poles

  11. Clothing

  12. Ski Tuning

  13. Course Inspection

Who is it for?

  1. Junior racers

  2. Nastar racers

  3. Adult League racers

  4. Masters racers

  5. Curious about racing

  6. First time racers