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Learn to ski drills on laminated cards provide hints and Tips to help you improve

Born of numerous requests from our students, we’re very pleased to present this valuable addition to the Building Blocks instructional series. 

These drill cards are designed to be used in cooperation with the Building Blocks DVDs.  They provide a valuable reference that can be taken to the mountain and used to answer any questions about the drill being practiced that day. 

Each set of cards contains all the drills found in the Building Blocks DVD it accompanies.  A detailed description of each drill is provided, along with helpful hints for overcoming common problems, and variations of the drill which will hone your skills to the highest form. 

These drill cards are laminated to provide years of hard use and protection from the elements, and sized to be easily carried to the mountain in a jacket pocket.  Using these cards will greatly enhance the quality and effectiveness of your training sessions, and allow you to get the most out of the Building Blocks program. 

Each order comes with a detailed Users Guide that explains how to incorporate these cards into your on-snow training.

Basic Balance Drill Cards $19.95

Basic Edging Drill Cards $19.95

Advanced Balance Drill Cards $19.95

Advanced Edging Drill Cards $19.95

Angulation Drill Cards $19.95

Transitions Drill Cards $19.95



On gentle terrain, do half turns, then full turns,

then finally connected turns, with your weight always concentrated on the balls of your feet. 


Learning to ski in a fore state of balance,

and discover how the skis perform there.

Hints For Success:

  1. Bullet Make your balance state adjustments mainly
    by flexing and extending your ankles. 

  2. Bullet Focus on the pressure under your feet.

Maintain consistent ball of foot pressure. 

  1. Bullet Feel how easily the skis want to turn when skiing fore balanced. 


Do left and right half and full turns.  Do both short and long radius full and connected turns.   Vary how far you move fore.   Move to steeper terrain.

Basic Balance #4