How Long Should I Spend On Each DVD?


A Building Blocks User Guide Article

There is no set amount of time that should be spent on each DVD.  It will vary with each person.  Everyone carries a different motor development experience, and different areas of individual strength and weakness.  As such, how long you will need to spend on a particular drill will very much be an individual thing.  Some drills will seem easy, and others will require more work. 


The drills in the Building Blocks DVD's should be worked on until the specific performance elements the drill calls for can be executed with a moderate level of proficiency.   As an example; if a drill calls on you to keep your inside ski lifted off the snow through an entire turn, keep practising until you can do that for the vast majority of your turns on easy terrain, without ever touching the inside ski to the snow.  Then, before you move on, take your new skill into slightly more difficult terrain, and  work to duplicate your good performance there.  Let successful execution be your guide for determining when it's time to move onto the next drill, not the measure of time. 


Finally, try to remove your ego from the learning equation.  Focus your training and learning on the process, not on how your rate of progress compares to others.  You only have control over you, and how you approach the learning process.  The journey others are on are irrelevant.  Follow the program, build your skills, and don't take shortcuts.  Do that, and the program WILL take your skiing where you want it to be, at the speed needed to make it happen, and will provide you with a plethora of incremental rewards of fun and satisfaction along the way.  Enjoy!!!