Beaver Creek WC Giant Slalom

December 2010


Daniel Albrecht, Switzerland

Big edge angles in ski racing

M. Blardone, Italy

Carving above the gate

Bode Miller, USA

Classic Bode ski turn completion

Bode Miller, USA

Counter in ski racing

Bode Miller, USA

Diverging skis

Bode Miller, USA

High edge angle carving

Didier Cuche, Switzerland

Dynamic carving ski turn

Marcel Hirscher, Austria

Leading with inside half

Marcel Hirscher, Austria

Looking ahead in ski racing

Marcel Hirscher, Austria

Angulation at high edge angle

Tim Jitloff, USA

Attack the course

Ivica Kostelic, Croatia

Inclination at the beginning of a ski turn

Kjetil Jansrud, Norway

Diverging skis at start of turn

Ted Ligety, USA

Skiing with counter

Ted Ligety, USA

How to initiate a ski turn

Matts Olsson, Sweden

Angulate for ski balance

Felix Neureuther, Germany

Pivot to start a ski turn

Felix Neureuther, Germany

The long leg/short leg ski turn

Cyprien Richard, France

Outside ski dominance

Aksel Svindal, Norway

Diverging long leg/short leg ski turn

David Simoncelli, Italy

Pivot on the pitch

Sandro Viletta, Switzerland

The stem pivot ski turn initiation

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Ski racing technique photographs from the Loveland NorAm Slalom race.

Ted Ligety, USA

A-frame and divergence in a ski racing turn