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ADVANCED EDGING is the 4th DVD in the Building Blocks Instructional Series.  In this DVD you will learn about a technique that has captivated the imagination of the recreational skiing community.  CARVING!  With carving you will learn to exploit the marvellous capabilities the shape ski has built into it.  You will discover how to let the skis do the turning for you, and how to use a concept called "EDGE ANGLE" to wield precise control over the shape and direction of those turns down the mountain. 


This DVD will not only teach you how to do it, it will teach you how and why carving works.  We'll show you how a ski is designed, and why the new designs have made carving so accessible to the general public.  This knowledge will provide you with an understanding of why you are using the technique we are teaching you, and how you can manipulate that technique to produce the exact turning results you want.


The balance and edging skills you learned in Building Blocks 1-3 will provide you with the skills that will make the learning of how to carve an easy process.  With those prior developed skills, you will in short order be carving better than many who have been struggling to learn to do it for years.  You may be surprised how easily you pick it up, and thrilled with the new category of fun it introduces to your experience on the snow.  Most who feel the sensations that carving provide are immediately hooked on it, and want to carve all the time.  The beauty of acquiring the skill in the manner you do in Building Blocks is that you immediately do it at a high skill level, but still have the ability to tone it back and steer your turns when ever you want.  You have the versatility to pick your pleasures however you like, and ski the mountain in any manner you choose.


When you've gone through this DVD, and have discovered the joy of carving, go back to both BASIC BALANCE and ADVANCED BALANCE, and work through those drills again doing them while carving your turns.  Your balance skills at this point will be on the road to getting refined to a very high level, and your confidence on your skis will leap.  Prepare to draw some odd looks from the skiers around you for the silly grin you'll have on your face. 


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