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Angulation Ski  Instruction DVD


A Building Blocks User Guide Article

 ANGULATION is the 5th DVD in the Building Blocks Series. Angulation is an important skill set for expanding the parameters of the types of carved and steered turns you can make.  Angulation is a tool we use to move our Center of Mass as we ski, and thereby manipulate how we are balanced.  In the bigger edge angles associated with high level carving, angulation becomes an crucial component of the turn.  There are other times and places where angulation becomes important, and multiple ways to angulate.  We will explain and teach all these types and uses to you in this DVD.   


Within this DVD we will also cover another skill area called rotary.  Rotary is a broad skill area.  It's rotary skills that enable the multi forms of steering you learned earlier in BASIC EDGING to be performed.  In this DVD you will learn how it's used to create the body positions that support effective angulation.  You'll also learn how to ski in a broad range of rotational states, discover how they affect the performance of your skis, and learn the appropriate usage of each. 


Finally, you will learn about a skill set called flexion/extension.  Flexion/extension is a classic skiing skill that has drawn some uninformed and undeserved criticism with the introduction of the shape ski.  The fact is it's still a crucially important skill set to possess.  We will show you when and where it needs to be used in your skiing, and how to use it most effectively and efficiently.  You'll learn why it's so important in dynamic carving, as well as the negative effects it can introduce if used incorrectly.


When finished with this DVD the turn shapes you have at your disposal when carving will multiply, and you'll have a better understanding of how your body can be manipulated to provide balance in various situations. 


Go back to the ADVANCED BALANCE DVD from here and refine your balance skills even further by doing the drills in the various angulated, flexion/extension and rotational states this DVD has taught you.