Instructions For Using Transitions Ski Instruction DVD


A Building Blocks User Guide Article

This DVD, called TRANSITIONS, is the 6th and final instalment in the Building Blocks Instructional Series.  A transition is the means by which you connect two turns. It brings the old turn to an end, and launches the new turn in the manner you desire.   A transition is the mother of a well executed turn.  Fall short in the quality of your transition, and the hope of producing a great turn is doomed from the start.  Obviously, this is a crucially important skill set to learn and master. 


This DVD will teach you many types of transitions, and show you the best times and places to use them while you ski.  It will explain how you can employ the external forces acting on you as you ski to power your transition for you.  It will explain how you can manage those external forces to produce the exact type of transition you want,  If you've ever observed great skiers descending the mountain with an effortless flow that seems to defy the magnitude of the performance they're exhibiting, TRANSITIONS will clue you into how they are accomplishing that seemingly impossible feat,  With high level transitioning skills, your turns will flow from one to another with effortless ease.  All extraneous movement and wasted energy will be plucked from your former inefficient transitioning methods.  You will finally get to experience what it feels like to actually ski in the manner of those talented skiers who in the past you've admired from afar. 


I do the Demo's in this DVD with carved turns, but the transitions being taught are effective when doing steered turns too.  As you work your way through the drills you should include both in your training.  When you finish with this DVD return to all the prior DVD's and re-practice the drills they present while using the assorted transitions you learn here.  This will continue the process of refining and embedding those earlier learned skills, while enhancing your ability to utilize each of your new transition options in numerous skiing situations.