Instructions For Using

Basic Balance


A Guide to the Building Blocks Instructional Series

Basic Balance is the first DVD in the Building Blocks Instructional Series.  It represents the beginning of your skill building journey.  This DVD will introduce you to entry level balance skills in a progressive and easy to learn manner. 


The first time through this DVD use whatever type of turns you are currently using in your skiing to practice the drills.  If you are still skiing in a wedge many of the drills in this DVD can still be practised and used to help improve your balance skills and your confidence on your skis.  The only ones to avoid are those that require balancing on the inside ski.  With these new balance skills,  leaving the wedge behind and learning the parallel turn will be much easier. 


If you are currently making parallel turns, use that as your learning vehicle for practising these skills and drills.  In the next DVD, BASIC EDGING, you will be learning how to make a variety of quality steered turns.  When you finish that DVD, come back to this one and practice these balance drills again using those higher quality steered turns.   


If you are currently carving turns, we suggest using steered turns to learn these drills.  The steered turn is an easier platform to learn new balance skills on.  The next level of refinement will come when you come back to these drills later with refined quality steered turns you learn in our BASIC EDGING DVD


When you have completed our ADVANCED EDGING DVD come back to these drills and do them again while carving your turns.  That will be your 3rd time through the drills, and the skills they teach will be well on their way to embedding themselves into your muscle memory.