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BASIC EDGING represents the 2nd DVD in the Building Blocks Instructional Series.  Edging is the tool you use to navigate the mountain with precision and control.  In this DVD you will be introduced to basic edging skills, and will learn the principles of the high quality steered turn.  Your will learn how to use those principles to travel down the mountain following any course you choose, and at any speed you desire.  You will come to understand why the steered turn is such an important tool to have at your disposal, why it offers many more turning options than carving, and how to use those benefits to your advantage.  When these skills are fully developed you will be able to ski the entire mountain in complete control. 


After completing this DVD go back to the Building Blocks BASIC BALANCE DVD and refine your basic balance skills even further while doing these high level steered turns.  At that point you will be ready to move onto our 3rd Building Blocks DVD, ADVANCED BALANCE