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Hi, I was looking through your website.  Do you have any children specific junior racing drills?


Pennsylvania USA

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Hi Deb,

Thanks for writing.  The drills in this Instructional Series are actually composed of the exercises and progressions I used as a race coach for many years.  There are no gate training drills presented in the series.  What it does offer are all the general skiing skills that make success in a race course possible.  One of the most important principles in building a good racer is that you first have to build a great skier.   Foundation skills need to be built outside of the race course, then those skills are taken back into the gates.  The Building Blocks Instructional Series teaches those skills.  

So far I have the 2 basic level Balance and Edging DVD's done, and I'm within a couple weeks of having Advanced Balance done.   Advanced Edging should be done mid winter this season.  There are many drills in each DVD that build a very broad skill base that over the years have greatly benefited my junior racers.  


Rick Schnellmann

Your Ski Coach.