How to use the ski instruction series

Yes, there is a most productive order of usage of these ski instruction DVDs.  They should be used as a package, and in this specific order.  Neglecting to practice the skills and drills contained in any of the BUILDING BLOCKS INSTRUCTIONAL SERIES DVDs will leave missing links in your skiing skills, and restrict your ability to realize your full potential as a skier. 



    Start with BASIC BALANCE.  Balance is the technical area that  makes success at all other technical area skill development  possible.   This learn to ski DVD will provide you with a strong stable of ground floor balance skills.

  2. Bullet BASIC EDGING

    Make BASIC EDGING the next learn to ski DVD you work with.  The balance skills you learned in BASIC BALANCE will provide with a strong platform on which to learn a full range of introductory edging skills.  This DVD will piggyback on the lessons you learned in BASIC BALANCE to provide you the base level skills needed to ski the entire mountain in a comfortable and confident manner.  It will hone your steering skills to a level few skiers ever achieve.


    This should be your next step in the learning progression.  ADVANCED BALANCE builds on and beyond what your learned in BASIC BALANCE.  The skills you learn in this ski instruction DVD will boost your confidence and competence on skis to heights that will shock and  delight you.  It will solidly prepare you for carving and pivoting lessons to come in ADVANCED EDGING. 
    In fact this DVD will serve you twice.  Once you get through ADVANCED EDGING, come back to this ski instruction DVD and go through it again, doing the drills while carving.  That will elevate your balancing skills yet another dimension.


    With the skills learned in the prior 3 DVDs under your belt, it’s time to delve into ADVANCED EDGING.   This ski instruction DVD will take you into the world of carving.  Carving will introduce you to a world of skiing you’ll never want to leave.  It will teach you all the principles of how to make a ski carve, and why carving works.  You’ll learn how to take much of the effort out of skiing, by employing your skis to do the bulk of the work. 

    When you finish with ADVANCED EDGING, go back and redo ADVANCED BALANCE, this time doing all the drills while carving.  . 

  5. Bullet ANGULATION

    Also includes the technical areas of  Rotary and Flexion/Extension.  It becomes an important skill area as skiers start to expand the range of edge angles and turn shapes they employ in the carving technique. 

    This DVD will teach you the strongest most efficient way to stand on your skis, and put them on edge.   

    It will show you how to ski powerfully and dynamically, then how to tone it down and ski relaxed.  How to get the most  payback for the effort you put into your skiing. 

    It will show you the body positions that leave you least prone to injury while skiing, and how to assume and perform in them.

    High level carving places new technical demands the likes of which this ski instruction DVD will prepare you for.  The full slate of balance and edging skill development you’ve  done previously will help you learn and adopt the skills taught in this ROTARY & ANGULATION DVD.


    A transition is the mother of an expert turn.  If your transition skills are faulty, the chance of performing a truly great turn is challenged from the start.  This DVD will provide that final touch, garnishing your skiing with that last dash of refinement.  It will add a level of versatility to your skiing that will arm you for any situation on the mountain. 

    I’ve placed this DVD at the end of the list because there are so many different transitions to learn, and having the skills developed in the first 5 DVDs will make quick success learning the full spectrum of transitions taught in this DVD much easier. 

    Those who just can’t help themselves, and have to take a gander, do try to hold off until after working through ADVANCED EDGING.