How Long Will It Take Me To Become An Expert Skier?


A building blocks user guide article

The term "EXPERT SKIER" is defined differently by different people.  Some measure themselves an expert by the type of terrain they can ski down, no matter the quality level at which they ski it.  We here at Your Ski Coach consider that more a sign of a persons tolerance of fear than a measure of their level of technical expertise. 


Watch skiers descend any slope, and the expert skiers will always stand out.  They are the ones coming down with a flowing form that looks effortless and relaxed.  No matter what kind of turns they are making, or on what type of terrain they are skiing,  they look to be in total control of what they are doing and seem in complete harmony the mountain.   


Compare that with those who seem to be engaged in a desperate battle against the mountain, with their very survival constantly hinging on the brink.    The base skills skiers carry down the mountain with them makes the difference between flowing with the mountain on difficult slopes, or just trying to survive it.  Building Blocks will help you develop those base skills, and lead you toward that ability to flow with the mountain and enjoy the experience of sliding down a steep face in a manner few ever do.  Your skiing will be transformed from something you do through the calling up of great effort and courage, into something you do with precise executed skills and relaxed confidence. 


There really is no definitive line that separates great skiers from all others, or set amount of time it takes enter the expert zone.   And there is no final destination point.  The best skiers in the world have trained their entire lives to get to the level they are in their skiing, and they continue to strive to improve,   Just as those world class skiers did, you will begin building new and improved skills from day one in the Building Blocks program, and you will continue to improve and grow as a skier for as long as you continue to pursue that growth.  Building Blocks is designed to allow you to take your skiing expertise as far as you desire.