The 6 technical skills of skiing

I divide the skills of skiing into 6 distinct technical areas;

  1. Bullet BALANCE,

  2. Bullet EDGING,

  3. Bullet TRANSITIONS,


  5. Bullet ROTARY, and

  6. Bullet ANGULATION.  

I teach you these skills in a progressive manner, moving steadily up in difficulty.  This progressive training approach makes it most effective to teach the skills within each technical area separately.

BALANCE and EDGING are such massive and important technical areas, with so many skills to be developed in each, to cover them properly and thoroughly I’ve had to break them each into 2 separate DVDs.  I’ve divided them under the names BASIC and ADVANCED. 

TRANSITIONS deals with the skills used to connect two turns.  This is a technical area of crucial importance, as every good turn is born of a quality transition.  There are a multitude of different types of transitions skiers can use to connect their turns, depending on the needs of the situation.  This DVD covers all of them, and helps you develop your skills and abilities to use them.  It took an entire DVD to cover this area at the depth I deemed necessary

The technical areas of FLEXION/EXTENSION, ROTARY, and ANGULATION are very related, and thus I’ve combined them into a large single DVD.