Instructions for using ADVANCED BALANCE


A Building Blocks User Guide Article

ADVANCED BALANCE is the 3rd instalment in the Building Blocks Instructional Series.  This DVD expands on the skills you learned in BASIC BALANCE.  The lack of good balance skills is the Achilles heel that keeps many skiers floundering in the intermediate rut.  The skills you will learn in this DVD take your balance skills to levels unknown to the vast majority of skiers on the mountain, and open the door to extremely high level skiing.  The confidence  and performance levels the acquisition of these skills will provide you will change forever your concept of the sport, and the fun you derive from it.  They represent important Building Blocks that will support the easy adoption of all high level skiing skills in every technical area of the sport. 


The first time through this DVD, use the high quality steered turns you learned in BASIC EDGING to learn the new balance skills these drills will teach you.  The steered turn will allow the easiest route to achieving initial success.  Do not expect to breeze through this DVD.  Many of the included drills are very complicated, and will take many attempts and repetitions to develop a basic level of competence.   Patience and persistence are the rules with this DVD. 


When you finish your first voyage through this DVD, return to BASIC EDGING and do them again while executing all the different turn shapes and skid angles that DVD taught you.  This will further refine these new balance skills, and embed them deeper in your muscle memory.  Then, after completing the next Building Blocks DVD, ADVANCED EDGING, come back to them again and continue the process of making these advanced balance skills an innate element of your skiing that are there to use when ever you desire to use them, and spring forth without conscious thought whenever in a pinch you need them. 


These balance drills should be practised and refined, over and over, for many years to come.  Incorporate them in your daily warm-up routine.